Comfar iii business planner

Updates will be made available as soon as problems have been solved. Memory leak when deleting Products or JV partners. The toolbar facilitates two new commands: The EMF spool data format is now supported. The layout of the vertical windows for Fixed investment costs has been changed.

For every Standard product the user may specify in tons the amount of CO 2 reduction achieved. Corrections Several layout adjustments and corrections in the printing procedures.

Short-term deposits are now restricted to max. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

COMFAR III Expert 3A for Windows 10 x86

Net working capital data input window: The remarks icon within the toolbar is changing its color to red in case remarks are specified. Fixed investment cost window: For comfar iii business planner version 1.

COMFAR Software

The window Sale of assets is now invoked by clicking on the data input icon in the new 4th column. Graphical visualization of standard production cost model and table of total production costs per item during data input within the Production cost window.

By clicking on the respective project it is automatically loaded. Net cash flow to long-term debt and Long-term debt service coverage. Change of the default algorithm of the 'Profit distribution'.

If a foreign currency has been selected instead of a local currency, the Foreign radio button for Fees paid local or foreign within the fee definitions pad was not activated.

Manuals are in English, only. As shown above, it is not necessary to translate all three parts Czech, Slovak, Portuguese. Software dialogue, On-line help, Reference, tutorial and technical manuals.

The function Edit node may also be activated by a double-click on the description of a user-defined data input node.

COMFAR III Business Planner

It is not planned to prepare the on-line help and publish the manuals in Italian. View Errors and Incremental Analysis. Updates will be made available as soon as problems have been solved. Fixed investment costs at the same time, using a spreadsheet like table.

In the scrap value of the Cashflow for financial planning and the Discounted cashflow the depreciation adjustments have not been taken into account. This change is applicable for the following windows: Installation of the latest version of the drivers for the software protection keys see also 4.

Through this correction, the ratios calculated in the projected balance sheet Equity to total liabilities, Net worth to total liabilities, Long-term debt to net worth and Current assets to current liabilities are corrected. In case the actual production phase of a product was different from the production phase of the project, 'Annual Adjustments' of non inventory production cost items were treated like inventory items.

Upgrade from Vx

For the download services release updates, demonstration versions a new FTP server has been installed. This new system is fully data compatible to the existing products.• With the release of versionthe COMFAR III Product palette has been extended by a new product - COMFAR III Business Planner.

This new system is fully data compatible to the existing products. COMFAR COMFAR III Expert III Business Planner for Windows REFERENCE MANUAL.

COMFAR Software

ii COMFAR III Expert Manual The designations employed and the presentation of the material in this publication do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Secretariat of. COMFAR III Business Planner V - all languages (MB) COMFAR III Mini Expert V - all languages (MB) COMFAR III Expert V CD - ISO image file (MB) If you prefer to receive an original CD-ROM, we are pleased to offer this service for a fee of EURO only, which covers shipping and handling costs.

There is COMFAR III Business Planner which will enable the users to carry out all the financial analysis of investment projects. COMFAR III Mini Expert is another software package that has been designed for the preliminary assessments of the investment opportunities for the financial point of view.

COMFAR III Expert supports various. COMFAR III Expert COMFAR III Business Planner for Windows Release Notes for Version September These Release Notes refer to issues not covered by printed COMFAR III Expert documentation (Manuals for Versions b or for Windows).

COMFAR COMFAR III Expert III Business Planner for Windows COMFAR III Expert is a computer program which supports project pre-investment studies. It facilitates data organization, computations and the production of pro-forma reports on financial and economic performance.

Comfar iii business planner
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