Dangerous breeds of dogs should be banned essay

They were bred to hunt large animals like wild boar and puma. While Pit Bulls have killed people, there are at least tens-of-thousands of these animals that are stalwart, loyal, loving family companions.

The same way that certain guns and knives are regulated differently depending on jurisdiction, towns and cities across America have enacted legislation for Pit Bulls and other dogs, including provisions that require owners to buy insurance.

A large majority of the dogs involved in attacks were also victims of neglect or abuse, or had been chained for most of their lives. If a dog is defending his owners or property lets say from a burglar, I dont see it as a dangerous dog. Others say it's unfair to single out breeds, when other types can attack too.

Certain breeds are more powerful than others though. Here is a short clip of the Malinois, ending a standoff with police that involved a suspect allegedly kidnapping a baby released unharmed, thanks largely to the canine: When they came to this country, though, they became popular fighters.

I don't think the dog should be euthanized, but the owner could be fined. What about a mutt that is half-Staffordshire, half-Shitzu? It is true that pit bulls tend to be very loyal and loving to their owners, but it is also true that these animals have powerful instincts that drive them to attack other dogs and even human beings.

Lets say if the attack broke a law based on whatever criteria. An elderly couple, for example, may wish to have a more robust dog in their home for personal protection.

Yesterday alone in San Diego, three people were hospitalized for pit bull attacks, as was a toddler in Massachusetts after being mauled. Avoid sentiments in your essay, use more factual information.

These dogs are shown no leadership. What exactly is a pit bull anyway? It is invaluable for helping lost dogs be found. It's giving people who have pitbull terriers or pitbull crosses, until the end of this month to register them.

Should Certain Dog Breeds Be Banned?

A dog is a companion, but under certain circumstances, a dog can also be a tool for self-defense. The neighbor handed him cash and voluntarily had his dog euthanized within couple days.English Essay Response - Should Pitbulls Be Banned The debate about whether or not new laws governing dangerous dogs has once again been set aflame with the death of a 4 year old girl, Ayen Chol, at the hands of a pit-bull.

ESSAY SAMPLE ON Should Dangerous Dog Breeds Be Banned TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU Order now Try telling that to the parents of a six week old. There are indeed many reasons why pit bulls should be banned and among these is the vicious nature of pit bulls. As much as there are those individuals who may argue that pit bulls are loving pets that only suffer negative publicity from the media, the facts on the ground speak a different story.

"Any dog can be dangerous in the wrong hands. "These [banned] dogs are strong, muscular and powerful breeds, so they do have the potential to cause harm. Jul 16,  · The Dogs Banned from the City For someone keeping a large dog in a house is a must, while others just love animals, and there are those, who keep a pet because it is in fashion.

Whatever it is, the owners of dogs should know how and where to walk the animal in the city according to the law.5/5(96). Should Certain Dog Breeds Be Banned?

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Sep 23, pm. Follow Buck Sexton. Share; Another parallel to the gun rights discussion appears to be the increased licensing of so-called dangerous breeds.

The same way that certain guns and knives are regulated differently depending on jurisdiction, towns and cities across America have enacted.

Dangerous breeds of dogs should be banned essay
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