Fluorescent lamp and answer

A fixed voltage drop occurs at the electrodes, which also produces heat. According to the EPA, "indoor pollution can be as much as times greater than outdoors.

The term usually refers to light emitted in a downward direction. These patents and the inventive efforts that supported them were to be of considerable value when the firm took up fluorescent lighting more than two Fluorescent lamp and answer later.

The first phosphors were synthetic versions of naturally occurring fluorescent minerals, with small amounts of metals added as activators.

The site does not recommend or discuss specific products or manufacturers. The overall light output of a lamp or luminaire.

Heating the electrodes before starting the lamps reduces the voltage required to strike the electric arc between the electrodes. Full Answer Incandescence is the emission of light by a hot object. The choice of circuit is based on AC voltage, tube length, initial cost, long term cost, instant versus non-instant starting, temperature ranges and parts availability, etc.

Although no hazard is suspected, and some pregnant patients have used the treatment successfully, light therapy has not yet been systematically evaluated during pregnancy.

These tubes can be identified by a single pin at each end of the tube. He invented a fluorescent lamp in that used a coating of calcium tungstate as the fluorescing substance, excited by X-raysbut although it received a patent in[6] it was not put into production.

Fluorescent lamp and answer fluorescent lamps have several small-diameter tubes joined in a bundle of two, four, or six, or a small diameter tube coiled into a helix, to provide a high amount of light output in little volume.

Finishes are either clear, phosphor coated, or diffuse. The electric light level set by a photosensor with hysteresis, for a certain photocell input signal, depends on whether that photocell signal is increasing or decreasing.

CFL Facts and Myths This page revised January 8, There is increasing interest in replacing incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent lamps CFLs as one means of reducing energy consumption and the generation of greenhouse gasses that contribute to global warming.

Marked improvement is usually observed within a week, if not sooner, and symptoms usually return in about the same amount of time when the lights are withdrawn. Some more advanced starters time out in this situation, and do not attempt repeated starts until power is reset.

It's hard to avoid a bit of technical jargon when discussing the color quality of light sources, so I'll need to use some jargon here.

It consists of a normally open bi-metallic switch in a small sealed gas-discharge lamp containing inert gas neon or argon. Many people with winter depression respond best of all to treatment first thing upon awakening.

Compact fluorescent lamp?

InPeter Cooper Hewitt demonstrated the mercury-vapor lamp, which emitted light of a blue-green color, and thus was unfit for most practical purposes.

Temperatures in between are considered neutral in appearance. These factors should be carefully checked before purchasing any light system. T8 lamps usually contain both halophosphates and rare-earth phosphors.

Treatment sessions can last from 15 minutes to three hours, once or twice a day, depending on individual needs and equipment used.

Fluorescent lamp

The therapeutic level of illumination has several known physiological effects, though its therapeutic mechanism is still unclear. Such therapeutic levels are five to twenty times higher as measured in lux or foot-candles by a light meter than typical indoor illumination in the home or office.

Fluorescent lamp fixtures are more costly than incandescent lamps because they require a ballast to regulate the current through the lamp, but the lower energy cost typically offsets the higher initial cost.

Quick-start[ edit ] Quick-start ballasts use a small auto-transformer to heat the filaments when power is first applied. He also made the important observation that the glow in the tube shifted position when in proximity to an electromagnetic field.

One lux equals 0. In this process, tungsten from the filament evaporates and, over the life of the lamp, causes the glass bulb wall to slowly blacken and the filament to disintegrate until the lamp fails. Some commercial and residential energy management systems also use power line carrier systems.

This has been shown to reduce irritabililty and depression in people with SAD, while improving their energy level. Sputtering of the electrode may still occur, but electrodes can be shaped e. Also referred to as lamp lumen depreciation LLD.

Cooper-Hewitt had not been the first to use mercury vapor for illumination, as earlier efforts had been mounted by Way, Rapieff, Arons, and Bastian and Salisbury. One candela is one lumen per steradian. We do not recommend home construction of the apparatus. The descriptive categories used are smooth, cloud, two-contour, ripple, and variegated.

Over time, they could increase in concentration and result in serious indoor air pollution problems e.A fluorescent lamp, or fluorescent tube, is a low-pressure mercury-vapor gas-discharge lamp that uses fluorescence to produce visible light. An electric current in the gas excites mercury vapor, which produces short-wave ultraviolet light that then causes a phosphor coating on the inside of the lamp to glow.

A fluorescent lamp or fluorescent tube is a very low pressure mercury-vapor gas-discharge lamp that uses fluorescence to produce visible light.

Fluorescent and HID Light Bulb Information. Mercury is a significant environmental problem in southshorechorale.com help address this concern, Maine law requires businesses and consumers to recycle all mercury-added light bulbs (a.k.a. “lamps”). View Brochure: Facts on Compact Fluorescent Lamps & Proper Disposal This fact sheet is for general information only.

It is not intended to replace, interpret or modify the regulations for managing used fluorescent and high-intensity-discharge (HID) lamp wastes in Illinois. Mar 08,  · I want to replace the "tombstones" or lamp receptacles on my fluorescent-tube light fixture.

The fixture dates from the - Answered by a verified Electrician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.4/5. The modern incandescent light bulb, with a coiled filament of tungsten, and commercialized in the s, developed from the carbon filament lamp introduced about As well as bulbs for normal illumination, there is a very wide range, including low voltage, low-power types often used as components in equipment, but now largely displaced by LEDs.

Fluorescent lamp and answer
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